Opaque Armor Solutions

  • Ballistic protection against multiple hits up to 14.5mm AP.
  • Blast protection against M107, 155 mm IED.
  • Undercarriage protection
  • Multi Layered Armor Systems utilizing a broad range of materials for multiple threat capability

Formed Ballistic Steel

  • Enhanced ballistic solution.
  • Reduces need of seam armor.
  • Improved material strength & reduced residual stress.
  • Dramatically reduces the number of parts and welds verses all welded solution
  • Improves ease of use of appliqué armor
  • Significantly speeds time to volume production
  • Tooling cost can be amortized into piece part price.

Example of appliqué armor designs

Example of Multi Layered Armor Solution

Typical welded Armored Plate Wheel Well vs. Formed Wheel Well

This Formed solution saves over 27 ft of weld.

¼ inch plate Welded Design

46100 armor plate

Seven piece design: 83.4 kg
(does not include weld weight)

¼ inch plate Welded Design

Formed BSEC 510 Brinell Harness

One piece design: 83.5 kg